Session 02

The Wrath of Clover

  • Once back in Anya’s apartment Niobe asks Anya what happened and where she ran off to. Anya fills them in.

    • After one of the thugs decides to run away, Anya takes advantage of being invisible and follows him. He runs around a few alleys and after making sure that no one was (visibly) following him, he takes a minute to catch his breath. He decides that his safest option was to go to his leader (who turns out to be Psycho) and inform him of what had just happened. He goes into a pub to get a drink to calm his nerves when the bells ring out signalling the start of the curfew. He downs his beer and heads off to the E88 hideout.

    • At the building, he knocks on the door in a specific pattern. A window/shutter? opens and the thug shows a tattoo (the E88 one) on his arm and enters as the door opens. Displaying a rare streak of common sense, Anya decides to not slip in behind him and instead finds a little nook for herself and sends Aurora (also invisible) to perch on one of the windows and listen/look in.

    • Anya (through Aurora) sees the thug approach Psycho and tell him that the “non human out of towners” beat up their gang by the docks. Psycho is furious, calling him useless and a coward for running away from non humans and getting beaten on their turf. He rounds up another bunch of thugs to “teach them a lesson”.

    • Wanting to get her friends out of harms way, Anya sends Aurora to the last place they were (by the docks) to flap at Niobe till they follow her and lead them to her apartment, thinking that while searching for out of towners, a Nexan apartment is unlikely to be a target. Aurora returns saying that they had left the site, sending Anya into a panic. Anya then looks for the boat, and finding it still there, proceeds to make a list of all the places in Nexus that the rest of the party know about. She realises that the Inn she recommended was a likely place and rushes there to meet up with them.  

  • After spending an uncomfortable night crammed into Anya’s “sizeable for a gnome but tiny for 6 people + 2 large animals” apartment, the group decides to get rooms at a nearby inn. Anya suggests three inns that are close to her apartment: Three Goats Heads, Silver Lion, Black Griffin. The group chooses the Black Griffin.

  • Group decides to look into “Chalky’s” death, to see if there was something more to the threat he received from E88, and learn more about E88 in the process.

    • First pass is Anya asking around at work. (Did they have anything by way of paperwork regarding his contract with SSTC? I don’t really recall the details of what little she found here.) Anya hears a rumor that “the leader” of E88 has been known to use magic. Reports her findings back to the group at lunchtime.

    • The group splits up a bit to find out more info during the afternoon.

      • Niobe, Ren and Dani “ask around” and get some info about E88. Started a couple of years ago and went on to absorb a number of smaller pro-human groups. Rumors of the leader using magic are confirmed. E88 is willing to be extremely violent (one of the gangs that refused to join under their banner had their leader impaled on a spike). By and large the senate doesn’t care enough about E88’s activities to take action. This is due to a combination of a fair degree of pro-human sentiment amongst some of the senators (though not as extreme), and the idea that as long as E88 keeps to their slums then it’s not their problem. E88’s primary turf is around the docks, but they’ve been moving into the slums of late. They have no specific rivalries with other gangs (though there is friction between them and gangs that are more inclusive).

      • K’zir and Nanuk go across the trade strait to check in with one of K’zir’s contacts. There they learn that E88’s activities include pretty standard stuff for a gang (protection rackets, brothels, etc) as well as some legitimate businesses (food stalls). K’zir also learns that the leader of the gang is not Psycho. The leader of E88 is someone by the name of Clover.

    • Upon getting back together, the group decides to follow Anya’s lead about Chalky’s paperwork, and opt to check if his remains were taken to one of the shines near to the inn he was staying in. They manage to confirm that his remains are currently residing at a small shrine to Anubis not far from the inn where he was killed. K’zir suggests sneaking in after hours, but since he wouldn’t know what he was looking for, Anya opts to accompany him using invisibly.

      • Inside the shrine of Anubis, K’zir and Anya avoid being noticed by the shrinekeeper and his apprentice (they’re too busy discussing the finer points of why indulging in holy sausage shows their devotion to Anubis). They find several things of note.

        • In the storage room they find Chalkey’s personal effects. There are several papers (Anya leafs through and picks out out noteworthy ones), his personal belongings (including some gold rings and fine clothing), as well as several crates of trade goods (silks). K’zir finds a false bottom in one of the crates. Inside he finds a small bag of a what will later be identified as peppercorns. (K’zir, not knowing what they are, figure they might be valuable simply by virtue of being hidden away and takes them.)

        • In the embalming room they find several bodies (including Chalkey’s). One of the bodies has an E88 tattoo. K’zir finds an embalmed heart, and horrifies Anya by taking a bite of it.

      • Meanwhile, the rest of the group finds a nearby tavern to kill time. Niobe talks her way on stage and performs, closing with a stirring rendition of “Brave Sir Danny.” Nanuk, drunk, follows with a few stanzas of an orcish epic poem before being convinced to get off stage by the proprietor.

  • On the way back to the Black Griffin, the group is once again accosted by Empire-88.

    • The E88 thugs are led by a man whose hand has been replaced by a blade, and they put up a decent enough fight. For the lack of a better name, he was referred to as “Stabby.”

    • K’zir isn't able to sneak around the attackers this time, but otherwise the first few rounds of the fight go as one would normally expect. The only real surprise (at first) is the appearance of a dog/wolf that looks as if it was covered in knives. (The group discovered later that it was literally just a dog/wolf covered in knives.)

    • Things take a strange turn when Dani sends Bacon around to flank the thugs. He runs down an alley, turns a corner, then sees something that causes him to panic and he comes running back. He immediately tries to get Dani to run. Curious, Anya sends Aurora down the alley to check it out. Aurora gets caught in conjured vines. Detect magic reveals a person bathed in a “silver-y” aura. The only telepathic message Aurora is able to get back to Anya is “run” before being crushed to death by the vines.

    • The group manages to rout the thugs, which forces Stabby to retreat. K’zir and Nanuk give chase. Anya tells Niobe that there is a wizard around the corner — probably Clover — and the two have very different reactions. Anya wants to move around and flank Clover, while Niobe thinks perhaps it’s best if they fetch the orcs and retreat. Unfortunately the discussion is moot, because the wizard emerges from the alley and casts Ice Storm — dropping Ren and (seemingly) killing Anya outright. Niobe is panicked by the wizard’s appearance. Dani heals Ren, then Bacon picks up Anya, and the group runs as Clover continues to sling spells (hitting Niobe with a cloud of daggers).

    • Meanwhile, Nanuk and K’zir are chasing down Stabby when they hear the ice storm followed shortly by Niobe shouting for help. Stabby escapes, and Dani comes bolting around the corner with Bacon telling them to run. The group flees the scene and meets up back at the inn…

  • The good news is that Clover was trying to subdue, not kill — so Anya regains consciousness shortly after the fight. Ren and Dani try to explain what happened to Nanuk and K’zir while Anya and Niobe sit by the fire, shell-shocked. After about an hour and a half, a pair of heavily armored dwarves enter the hall. Anya recognizes them as senate guards. They are followed by a herald that announces to the group that their presence is requested at a meeting with the Consul, head of the Nexan state. Ren handles the negotiations, and (in something of a shrewd power-play) tells the herald to inform the Consul that they will meet with him at the opening of business the next morning, after his companions have slept and showered. Ren then instructs the rest of the group to go to sleep, and to be washed and ready at dawn the next morning.

  • The following morning the group goes to meet with the Consul…



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