Session 03

Diplomatic Incidents

  • Ren, Niobe and Dani go to meet with the Akran “cultural attache” (a weathered old dragonborn with a scar on his right cheek, notable for being light blue). Gives Ren the go-ahead to work on the E88 problem, has an informant that might be able to help.

  • K’zir, Nanuk and Anya go to the Bloody Guard to check on the peppercorns.

    • “Retard” story goes here…

  • Ren, Niobe and Dani go to meet up with Ren’s informant.

    • Meeting with informant. Will need 3 days to get requested info on Clover.

    • Niobe also meets up with one of her contacts, a well-informed man that she calls “Georgie” (even though that’s not his real name). Chat him up while he’s trying to hire a prostitute. Basic message is “don’t fuck with Clover” — also find out that the SSTC is pushing towards worshipful status (which will get them a permanent seat in the senate).

      • During the chat they are approached by a pleasant, well dressed, and slightly exasperated Senator. Turns out the reason Georgie is knowledgeable is because he works in the Senator’s office. Once the senator sends Georgie back to work, he introduces himself to Niobe and Ren and says if they’re looking for work they should swing by his office. Niobe is surprised that he is so amicable with a Tiefling and a Dragonborn.

  • At some point Ren is watching the proceedings at the senate and the Consul has a heart attack. Ren saves him.



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