Session 04

Special Envoys to the Consul

  • The session begins with Dani sneaking off in hopes of uncovering some information about Empire 88. K’zir notices him leaving, and goes to follow (knowing full well how dangerous it is to go out alone) however Dani proves quite stealthy and K’zir loses him before they make it to the Docks district. Dani manages to make it to the building that serves as (one of?) E88’s bases in the area (the same one that Anya found Psycho at in in the first session). Unfortunately, Bacon is not quite as stealthy as Dani and Dani is soon captured by E88. Bacon, however, is able to escape.

  • Flash forward to the next day. Ren and Niobe go to meet up with the Captain of the guard to discuss the details of their arrangement with the Consul. Manage to talk him into giving them some discretionary funds (to hire mercenaries, since they’re the ones putting themselves on the line for a Nexan issue). Are also able to procure some equipment (including some barding that Niobe plans to have a leatherworker alter for Bacon).

    • In general, Ren and Niobe have the upper hand in the meeting with the Captain of the guard (evidenced by, amongst other things, his discomfort in his formal robes that he clearly rushed to put on upon their arrival). The prefect of the Night Watch is also in attendance.

    • The quartermaster is substantially less impressed by them, but provides the agreed upon provisions (grumbling all the while).

  • While they were out, Nanuk has gone off to catch up with one of the half-orcs that he had been talking about his homeland with. Nobody knows where Dani is. K’zir informs the group that he saw Dani sneak off the previous night, and the group sets out to find him. They get as far as the outskirts of the docks before Bacon finds them and leads them to where Dani was captured. Anya uses message to confirm that Dani is inside the E88 building, and his description suggests that he is probably in the basement. The group hatches a plan to break him out…

    • Niobe and Ren serve as a distraction. Niobe hurls stones at the door until she gets the attention of the E88 goons inside. Several E88 thugs come out and try to get rid of them (threatening Niobe in the process). Niobe turns the tables when she accuses the thug doing all the talking about hiring her “services” the previous night and then skipping out on the bill. In the context of the ruse, Ren is her pimp’s muscle sent to back her up and they’re here to collect. Given E88’s pro-human leanings, this leads to a substantial amount of confusion and disgust amongst the various thugs. Niobe manages to get them to turn their surprise on the leader enough to keep them talking for long enough that K’zir and Anya are able to sneak in…

    • …inside, K’zir and Anya find that Dani is being held in the basement in one of a number of holding cells. There are two guards keeping watch on him that they are able to easily dispatch. They free Dani and escape back out the way they came in.

  • Dani fills the group in on what happened to him. Namely that he was captured and questioned, but that he didn’t give away any crucial information. Summary of the discussion follows:


  • Apparently E88 is looking for “the wizard” (that they assume to be “the Tiefling”). Group decides it’s probably best not to advertise that there’s more than one wizard in the party and Niobe suggests to Anya that Aurora should find alternative places to hang out than on Anya’s arm/shoulder while they’re out and about just incase any E88 people are watching them.

  • He did tell them that the group was based out of the Akran embassy — much to Niobe and Ren’s chagrin — but the group eventually concludes 1) E88 probably isn’t dumb enough to openly attack the embassy and 2) they could that to their advantage, potentially luring them into a trap. Planning ensues.

  • Dani is under the impression that E88 actually has two magic users due to some comments by one of the guards while he is imprisoned.

  • The group spends a couple of days doing prepwork and downtime. Niobe brings Dani to the leatherworker to pick up his new barding. They scope out a cheap apartment near the Akran embassy that would serve as a good ambush place, and determine that E88 might be casing the embassy but if they are they’re being smart about it and having multiple people do it. K’zir and Niobe procure fixings for some traps (including caltrops, ball bearings, and a cord of sticks suitable for making crude spears). Dani sets about turning said sticks into said spears. Ren checks in with informant that was set up via Akran ambassador (see April 30 session). Anya goes into the office and checks in with (Robert).  Collectively, the group learns a few things:

    • “Stabby” is actually a senator and is running for the freshly vacated Consul position. He is well known to be pro-human, but his connection to E88 is not widely known. Real name is Senator Roland ‘Narsica’ Nepos

    • Clover keeps on the move, staying with different E88 people each night. Occasionally meets with Senator Narsica. Might be possible to follow him to meet up with Clover.

    • Robert is currently working on a project involving griffon claws and has apparently used up his last batch.

  • Niobe goes to check in with Senator Hanno. He is one of the other favored candidates for the position of Consul. He is polite at first, but doesn’t give her his full attention until she asks whether or not it would be helpful were it to be revealed that Senator Narsica has ties to Empire 88. This gets Senator Hanno’s full attention, and he confirms that yes — proof of their association would definitely impact Senator Narsica’s support amongst the other senators and general populace. He also offers her a job, saying that one of his estates has been terrorized by a couple of griffons. He’s offering a cash reward for proof that they’ve been dealt with (10 pounds per flight feather).

  • K’zir and Anya sneak into Senator Narsica estate. Anya checks the library, K’zir checks the office. Anya goes in invisible, while K’zir convinces the private guards that he’s there to fix a plumbing issue. They point him to the septic system, where he promptly creates a distraction by breaking it further, then sneaks off into the house.

    • K’zir finds a couple of nice candle-holders with a maker’s mark that he pockets, a signet ring, and a number of papers that seem to be a bunch of random numbers. Once he takes everything of note, he sets fire to the place.

    • At first, Anya doesn’t find anything of note in the library (the senator has a great many books on a great many topics). But when K’zir starts the fire and the alarm is sounded, Anya catches the servant that tends to the library glance nervously a a few very specific books. She dumps them into her bag, and escapes.

  • Later, Anya surmises that the letters are coded and that the books are likely the key to the cipher. She starts to work on decoding the books.

  • Meanwhile, K’zir wants to make his way south to meet up with his friend, the fence, to see if he can get any info on the candlesticks (and maybe pawn them off). Niobe convinces him to let her go with him. They get some gold for one of the two candlesticks (opting to keep the other so Anya can see if it’s magic) but get little information of note (though they identify the maker’s mark.) K’zir also informs Niobe that he found the signet ring, and she asks him if she can hold onto it.

We end with people calling it a night as Anya works on deciphering the coded messages…



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