Session 05

When Griffins Attack

  • The session began with Anya revealing that she had decoded the letters.

    • E88 letter: E88 know about illegal peppercorn trade by unknown faction, members told to patrol and keep an eye out and not to involve HSSTC just yet. Also beat up non humans.

    • Uber long letter from Narsica: Narsica’s thoughts on the consular election and opinions on various candidates. Also contains details of legal case about collusive sale of a property. References to H (Hermae?) possibilly mentioned in another letter.

    • Letter to friend informing him of the death of his grandmother: Talks about rebellious feelings in Ismuthian towns. Refers to statues that have been received. Narsica has been unsuccessful in pacifying his “friend” and has betrothed his daughter to John Jones Winterburn.

    • Letter to his son on Molokai: Mentions that he eagerly awaits the Megaric statues and the Hermae and asks for some writings of the philosopher Kalo for his friend “T”.

  • Nanuk returned shortly thereafter, having been on a bender with some of his fellow half-orcs. He had gone out with the intention of finding out if it was okay for him to go back home yet. (“Not yet. Soon.” He hoped.) Niobe wasn’t too stoked about that, and so when the group was discussing how they would proceed with the knowledge gleaned from the letters she proposed an alternative: they could take a day to go deal with Senator Hanno’s griffin problem.

    • She pitched it to Ren by pointing out it could gain them a bit of political favor with someone who may very well be Consul soon.

    • The pitch to K’zir only required mentioning that Hanno would be paying them for the return of flight feathers.

    • Nanuk was thrilled with the idea of being able to lead a griffin hunt. He was never allowed to lead big hunts like that back home.

    • Dani was no doubt very excited, but by way of punishment for wandering off on his own and getting captured he was told he had to remain in the city.

  • Ren buys some horse meat to use as bait, Nanuk collects the spears Dani whittled the night before, then the group set off for Hanno’s estate later in the morning. They arrive early in the evening, shortly before sundown.

    • Niobe and Ren were surprised by the style of farming as they made their way out of the city.

    • The estate itself was home to a small village of a half dozen homes (or so), as well as a common house. There were a couple dozen villagers total, several of which were understandably surprised when a dragonborn, a tiefling, two half orcs and a gnome wandered into their common house. (And relieved when Ren informed them that the group was here on Hanno’s request.)

    • The group got some information about the griffins:

      • They had lived up in the mountains, but recently moved down to the foothills and started hassling the estate.

      • Initially they preyed on the village’s horses, prompting the villagers to bring the horses into the village at night. This led the griffins to start turning to livestock.

      • The griffins tend to hunt at dawn.

      • There are four griffins total. One male, three female. There are suspicions of a nest nearby, but the villagers have not yet been able to find it.

    • The group hatches a plan to set an ambush for the griffins. K’zir is going to use some rope to set up a big snare, Nanuk uses the rest of it to turn the spears into harpoons, and the group will find an appropriate place to lay in wait for an ambush at dawn, then get a little rest. Things don’t exactly according to plan.

      • Ren convinces the villagers to help find an appropriate site, but it starts to rain. The rain and chilly weather make for a miserable start to the night.

        • Sensing the group’s flagging morale as the night goes on, Niobe makes a concentrated effort to improve their spirits. This culminates in a mudfight with Nanuk. Niobe has the upper hand until Nanuk eventually just tackles her to the ground. And then, out of nowhere, Anya joins the fight and uses magic to deliver decisive blows to Nanuk and Niobe. They unanimously agree that Anya is the winner.

      • K’zir spends a substantial amount of time prepping the snare, but accidentally springs it on himself, spraining his ankle in the process. As a result, he has to spend a couple hours resetting it. The group thus has to spend the night out in the rain, or else they might miss their opportunity to ambush the griffins. Thankfully, the rain dies down before dawn.

  • The griffins arrive shortly after dawn, drawn by the horsemeat bait. K’zir’s snare works perfectly, trapping one griffin against a tree. The other three griffins attack! The fight is relatively short. Ren and K’zir get roughed up a bit. But the group manages to kill three of the four griffins. The fourth escapes, and Niobe watches it disappear into the foothills.

    • After the fight, Anya collects griffin claws for her colleague Robert (8 per griffin)

    • Ren collects the flight control feathers for Hanno (2 per griffin)

    • Nanuk arranges the griffin corpses in an orcish show of respect (“they fought well, deserve to face the sun.”)

    • Ren also heals K’zir’s sprained ankle.

    • Niobe convinces the group to go on a hunt for the fourth griffin, insisting that she saw where it went and that they wouldn’t need Dani. (At this point, the group was regretting leaving Dani — their ranger — in Nexus.)

  • Collectively, the group goes to inform the village of what happened (so they can go collect the griffins, if needed). Then go on to hunt the remaining griffin. It goes poorly. Niobe watched it disappear into the foothills, but she quickly learns how hard it is to navigate when you only saw it from very far away. After several hours, the group is near to giving up.

    • At which point, Niobe remarks how much it sucks that Qimu is so useless. Otherwise, they could’ve just used him to track down the griffins. Nanuk agrees, lamenting Qimu’s uselessness. Qimu then runs off to collective groans, since now the group has to chase him down too.

    • But surprisingly, Qimu leads them right to the griffin’s nest! They put down the remaining griffin and are surprised to find six in-tact griffin eggs. They claim them as part of their prize, and bring them back to the village — where they inform the villagers of their success.

  • That night, the group celebrates their victory with the villagers. Much crappy beer is had, the weather clears up, and Niobe improvises a poignant song, imploring people to “just be wherever you are.” (Between being able to lead a griffin hunt, the celebrating with his new friends, and Niobe’s song + other efforts lead Nanuk to — for the first time — consider that not going home is even an option…)

  • The group travels back to Nexus with the griffin eggs. Niobe and Anya volunteer to help keep them warm in the cart. Upon arrival to Nexus, the group goes about settling up their various griffin-related arrangements.

    • They leave Dani in charge of watching the griffin eggs while they do so.

    • The group ask around about Senator Hanno, find out that he’s at the chariot races. The group opts to go to the races.

      • Anya, K’zir and Nanuk join the general audience. Anya can actually see! (Mostly because she’s on Nanuk’s shoulders.) Nanuk tries to bet on the race with a nearby spectator, but he doesn’t bite. Attempts to prod him into a conflict also, sadly, fail.

      • Niobe talks her and Ren into the reserves seating for senators and dignitaries, even going so far to present “official documentation” of their political arrangement with the consul. Once they’re inside, Ren looks at the note, then remarks that all it says is “I can do what I want” and that Niobe signed his name at the bottom. Niobe just smirks, and the two find Hanno. He is surprised to see them, but they continue to make a decent impression, and arrange a meeting at his office later to settle up the griffin debt.

    • Anya delivers the griffin claws to Robert.



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