Session 06

The Slave of Chalkey Walker

  • While delivering the griffin claws, Anya is called in to interrogate a man who was caught trying to steal from the SSTC warehouse. Anya finds out the following:

    • He is a member of the Reds and it was “Shadow’s idea” to break in.

    • He was to give the stolen goods to Lily (the red haired girl) who then gives it to “the white haired dude”.

    • He probably doesn’t like Clover very much.

  • The group go to the Charlton family house to trade the griffin eggs for much monies and a field trip to the griffin ranch 3 weeks hence. Nanuk and K’zir were disappointed at the lack of a griffin mount.

  • The group then used Anya’s information to go into the Reds territory in the northern slums where Nanuk draws attention for being a giant half-orc wearing an E88 medallion. K’zir uses this opportunity to talk to the guy (who is rather clueless) and convinces him to take the party to a more senior member who might be willing to trade in some peppercorns.

  • The clueless guy (named Danny) takes the group to a 3 storey apartment block where K’zir (and Nanuk) negotiated a deal for 5 bags of peppercorns the next week after giving a bag as a sample. Anya listens in while invisible and getting rather confused as to where the peppercorns were going to come from.

  • While the deal is being negotiated, Dani, Niobe and Ren run into David (Chalky Walker’s slave). Dani frightens him into giving the following information:

    • Chalky Walker met with a doctor (Huddleston) on the morning of his death complaining of fever and breathing troubles.

    • He met with buyers in the afternoon.

    • David confirmed that Psycho (of E88) had threatened Chalky Walker a few days earlier, but CW did not seem concerned.

  • Niobe takes David into a bar to buy him a drink and calm him down while Dani guarded the door and Ren waited for K’zir and the rest to arrive. Niobe also finds out that Chalky Walker had dealings of the unofficial kind in Honey Island, which is when he decided to break off his contract with the SSTC.

  • The next day, the group decide to follow up on the Honey Island lead. Anya goes into the SSTC offices to hire the group as bodyguards in following up on the illegal peppercorn trade. She is given £10 per person and £250 for incidentals.

  • The group set sail to Honey Island while the wind is very much against them. After a day of rowing, the group sets up camp by the shore. Giant spiders and entecaps attach the camp early next morning.



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