Session 07

The Temple of the Winged Scarab

  • Day 26: Arrival on honey Island by way of Grand Harbor as the sun is making it’s way down (around 6pm).

    • Note on the way in that there is a big fortress that is in decent repair (compared to e.g. Nexus’s northern walls). It is equipped with scorpio(n)s and catapults. But Ren notes the fortifications, while modern, haven’t been maintained for roughly a decade.

    • Grand Harbor itself was clearly once richer than it is now, and its growth seems to have stagnated.

    • Local SSTC branch closed down by the Grandmaster of the Winged Scarab for “irregularities” a few months ago. Grandmaster has been in his position for roughly 2 years.

    • We find out that nobody can go to the pyramid — it’s been closed to anyone that is not in the order.

    • During exploration of the market region, Nanuk notes that he’s being followed by a beggar. When confronted, the beggar reveals that he (as well as other beggars) are paid to follow new arrivals from the docs and tell a man in a place called “the grotto” about movements, business, and so on. The man has brown hair and sunken eyes.

    • After some convincing the beggar agrees to take us to the grotto, wherein we meet the brown haired man and negotiate a deal — he tells us about the spice trade if we find out why the pyramid has been shut off. We also get a general description of people involved in the spice trade (namely independent traders travelling under other legitimate pretenses — e.g. Chalkey)

  • Day 27: Travel to Pyramid at dawn posing as pilgrims from a faraway land. Niobe does most of the talking (though the half-orcs howl in a manner they think means “reverence” and Anya babbles). Niobe shocks Dani with her convincing play at piety as she claims that “Father Daniels” from her homeland — a place the order of the winged scarab had been displaced from — told her to come here. She manages to get them all the way past the gates up to the shine, and convinces the paladins to bring down a cleric to bless their offering (a heap of money).

    • Meanwhile, Anya casts Comprehend Languages and deciphers hieroglyphics on the wall as a means of strengthening their deception (if required). But what she actually manages to do is hear some sounds coming from the pyramid. After a bit of effort, she finds out that they’re groaning sounds in a strange language saying “Traitor!” and “Deceiver!” .

    • Niobe tries to convince them to let them speak to the grandmaster but can only manage to get them to admit to the Grandmaster being in Gove’s Bay.

  • Head to Gove’s Bay

    • Check out the SSTC branch there, which is still open. Anya gets copies of records, but Ren is relatively convinced the head of the branch is being honest with them when he says that there’s not illicit spice operation.

    • Also run into an old friend of K’zir, so we have lunch at the Bear and Ragged Staff. There the group learns that K’zir and Nanuk’s dad (step-dad) died, and that it was (probably) them that did so. Learn a little bit of backstory (dad tried to kill K’zir by sabotaging his coming-of-age fight). But Nanuk is also excited to find out that he’s able to go home!

    • Then we meet with the Grandmaster (who is “not feeling well”), get in by revealing that we know what’s going on with the temple. Then we barter an agreement — we’ll take care of the pyramid nonsense in exchange for gold + information (which will be discussed over dinner upon our return).

  • Day 28: Back to the Pyramid… DUNGEON BEGINS!

    • The party camp in the woods near the pyramid and it is dark by the time we head out to the Pyramid. There is an aurora (of the non owl kind) in the sky. Nanuk fears that is a bad omen, especially as the fires lit around the Pyramid might attract the evil spirits.

    • The paladins at the Pyramid have been informed of the arrival of the party to clear out the undead in the Pyramid. They also refuse to join the party in the mission.

    • Before opening the double doors, K’zir places ball-bearings just outside the doors. Anya and Dani position themselves on top of the walls while the rest brace themselves for battle. Mummies (because of course) spill out as soon as the doors open, and are defeated largely thanks to the ball bearings. The party continues inside and the paladins close the door behind us.

    • Inside there is a room with the walls covered in hieroglyphics. Anya casts comprehend language and realises that some of the words seem out of place. Further inspection of these words have rooms or traps behind them.

    • One of the hieroglyphs opens a trapdoor that showers rocks onto K’zir’s head. Dani is thrown up the trapdoor to investigate. It leads to a room with the coffins of the Order of the Winged Scarab. At the centre of the room, there is a large metallic bowl. The coffins appear to be magical and warm to the touch. At Anya’s insistence Nanuk opens one of the coffins which promptly explodes. Nanuk is thrown back and Anya is knocked unconscious. When the dust settles, the coffin has repaired and resealed itself, and is now cooler. The idea of repeating this until the resealing magic runs out is quickly abandoned.

    • Another hieroglyph reveals a spiral staircase that goes downstairs. In the room underneath, there are more hieroglyphs. One of out of place glyphs “knowledge” causes the wall to move down, revealing a room infested with nothics.

Temple of the Winged Scarab.png




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