Session 01
The Death of Chalkey Walker
  • The party has been staying at an inn in Nexus. Ren and Niobe are actually staying in a proper room, whereas Nanuk, K’Zir and Dani have been staying in the stables. It’s been several days (or at least long enough for the innkeeper to notice the squatters in the stables) and everyone has settled into something of a routine. Ren does his intense calisthenics regiment at dawn and dusk, Anya regularly shows up in the morning to continue her studies of Niobe, and in the evenings there is generally carousing. The half-orcs are reluctant to rise early, despite Dani’s zestful enthusiasm.

  • The morning of the 12th Day of the Warrior, Anya is studying Niobe while she eats breakfast when Niobe notices one of the other patrons hasn’t come down for breakfast. It is a rich human (Charles ‘Chalkey’ Walker) that keeps a slave (David), and is typically quite punctual. Not long after, the innkeeper goes to check on him only to find that the rich man is dead. The innkeeper is quick to blame the half-orcs, and sends for the guard. Ren goes to warn Nanuk and K’zir while Niobe (and then, Anya) quickly investigate.

    • Niobe and Anya search the room separately, but each find (essentially) the same things. But Anya Haz A Smart™ and she’s able to piece together several details that Niobe misses.

      • The dead man has a deep wound on his right arm. Anya determines that the wound was likely caused by bloodletting/bleeding (‘leeching’), though there doesn’t seem to be enough blood to explain his death.

      • There is a sleeping dog in the room that doesn’t seem to care that Niobe or Anya are looking around.

      • The slave is nowhere to be found.

      • The bars in the window are loosened. Niobe figures it’s possible (though difficult) for someone to have escaped through the window and reset the bars from the outside.

      • The rich man’s gums are blackened. Anya knows that this is associated with wealth (since they get their water delivered through pipes).

      • There is a small chest (probably full of coin) in the wardrobe along with fine clothes.

    • Anya sends Aurora to the South Seas Trading Company (SSTC) to see if they have a file on Charles. She gets a little more information from them:

      • He’s based out of New City.

      • Had a contract with SSTC, but called it off two days ago. Anya asks the innkeeper if he had any visitors around then, and is told that a big guy with red hair came to talk to him. Anya recalls that the red headed man has been linked to Empire 88 from her knowledge gathered by living in Nexus, but she doesn’t mention it to the group as she doesn’t realize it’s relevant at the time.

    • Nanuk, K’Zir and Dani also search the room where Charles was killed. Only additional thing of note is that K’zir picks the lock on the small chest and pockets a bunch of guinea and shillings, putting them into a sack.

  • When the guard (led by a heavily armored dwarf) arrive, Nanuk and K’zir immediately make a break for their boat at the docks. The guards pursue; Nanuk beats it through the back gate, while K’zir discretely dumps the sack and climbs the wall. The half-orcs lose them in the fish market near the docks, by overturning a cart and dropping a load of ball-bearings. They get to the boat and head out into the trade strait until the heat dies down. Nanuk catches a load of mackerel.

  • Back at the inn, Dani, Ren, Anya and Niobe are (mostly) able to convince the guard that the half-orcs weren’t responsible. The prime suspect becomes the missing slave, and Ren decides that it’s time to find a new inn. Dani identifies tracks below the rich man’s room starting at the window with loose bars and leading to the street. The remaining members of the group head to the docks to try to track down the orcs.

  • The group eventually reconnects near sundown, with the orcs returning from their “fishing trip” shortly before the rest of the group gives up searching for them. After a lengthy discussion, with Anya recommending an inn (and K’zir and Nanuk making their way back to the original inn to successfully retrieve the sack of coins) they begin to make their way back into the city proper to find it. But along the way they are confronted by a gang of humans affiliated with Empire 88, a human-supremacist group that considers the docks “their territory.” The gang consisted of a chain-mail wearing ring-leader and seven other thugs. A fight ensued after racial taunts were thrown at Ren specifically.

  • Notable aspects of the fight: The gang formed an ambush formation. K’zir managed to sneak behind the main group, surprising them. Niobe had some extremely surprising magic surges. Ren had some kind of cool protection feat. Dani is good with arrows, while Nanuk is good with an axe (initially thinking it was unfair to engage with weapons). Anya cast magic missile. Ren and Dani were able to use their healing abilities. This display of physicality, back-stabbery and strange magical power was not good for the morale of the E88 gang. Four attempted to flee; three were dispatched (including one charged down by Bacon). Much of this seems to provide a good sense of the M.O. of each member.

  • With the remaining thug fleeing, Anya turned invisible and gave chase.

  • The rest of the group cleaned up the mess:

    • K’zir looted the various corpses.

      • Found several coins, some mundane weapons and armor, and a note. He handed the note to Ren and divided the gold. He also found a gold medallion bearing the E88 logo and gives it to Nanuk. The gold coins are actually guineas, apparently mostly used by the nobility.

    • Nanuk dumps bodies into the river.

  • Meanwhile, Anya chased after the thug (which most of the party currently know little about).

  • The party found an inn near the docks with a dwarf innkeeper after the curfew warning sounded.

  • Anya returned, looking white as a sheet. Empire 88 is on the hunt for us! K’zir suggested we all just hide out on the roof, but it was pointed out the roof is too steep.

  • Anya—being the only Nexan citizen—offered the group to stay at her apartment. The party successfully snuk through the dock areas.


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